Sunday, March 26, 2017

Celebrating Victories

It's been awhile since I blogged last. I don't want to make any excuses, but life gets busy. My kiddo has come huge leaps and bounds this year. I just love watching him interact with other kiddos. He is now able to regulate his behavior in a way that he was never able to do in the past. This isn't to say that he doesn't have meltdowns, because he does, but these meltdowns have decreased drastically in frequency and the severity of these meltdowns are much less intense than I've ever seen before. My kiddo is now doing things that I honestly wondered in the past if he would ever really be able to do. We just signed him up for machine pitch baseball. He is loving the experience and all of the team parents just love his enthusiasm for the sport. Signing him up for baseball was something that my husband and I debated about in regards to whether or not he was really ready for it, but ultimately we decided that if our son wanted to play, he deserved the experience. Thankfully, the way the age brackets worked out for this season, my older son is getting to play on the same team as my kiddo. My little guy looks up to his big brother, and this has really made my kiddo want to try his very best in this sport. I am just amazed watching him while he plays this game. We tried this sport a few year ago, and unfortunately my son just wasn't ready. Even with my husband out there full time as a one on one, it was just simply way too much for our son.

My kiddo has also started doing some very typical things this year like faking like he is sick so that he could get out of doing school work. Honestly, I had a hard time not laughing when he showed up to the nurses office with his fake cough. The nurse wanted to send him home, but I just had a gut feeling that he was faking it. The nurse told me should would do some investigative work, and low and behold, my kiddo admitted to the nurse that he just needed a break so he figured that he would fake like he was sick. When my kiddo came home from school on this day we talked all about the boy who cried wolf. This is a pretty abstract story, and he got it. I am just constantly amazed with this kid. Here is a kid that had probably a 15 second attention span, that would meltdown multiple times per day, struggled with age level communication, and he had severe sensory issues. Today, he is doing amazing things! He is actively engaged in his behavior chart. Does he have bad days? Yes, but don't we all? He is making friends and wanting to try activities and sports. Does he still have areas that need improvement? Yes, he does, but those areas are so small in comparison to the huge areas of deficit that he had in the past. Today, I am celebrating his successes. Do I still worry about him? Yes, I do, but I have learned to count my blessings and control the things that I can control. Being an autism mom has taught me many things, but one of the biggest things that I have learned on this journey is to rejoice in every milestone achieved and to celebrate every victory.

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