Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving and how thankful I am for my kiddo....

This year I have so many things to be thankful for. My son will be seven in December of this year. Things have not always been easy and honestly there were some periods where things were really hard. It felt like I was living my life in therapy sessions or I was in meetings with the school or in a meeting with one of my child's providers. This was our life up until very recently. I think that I need to make this known, I was really okay with this life. I love my son more than words can describe and I would have done anything in my power to make things easier for him. I believe in early intervention and I have had first hand accounts with the benefits of early intervention with many other children that are not my son. Every year, I have had so much to be thankful for. Despite the many obstacles that my son has faced in his short little life, he has always been happy and healthy, and in my opinion, this is what truly matters. I feel blessed to have been chosen to be this child's mother. I would not change him for anything or anyone. I love him more than words can describe. He is everything to me, he is my my child, and I love him with an extreme fierceness.
Things began to change for my child around the spring time of this year. He gained some maturity that we hadn't seen before. Everyone seemed to notice. Meltdowns started to decrease, transitions became easier, and he was better able to regulate his emotions. This happened extremely fast. I am not sure what happened, but I am going to take it for what it is. My son has been in private therapy almost his entire life, and this summer we were told that my little guy was ready to experience life outside of therapy. You know, doing things like boy scouts and playing sports. This fall is the first time ever that I haven't had to balance my son's schedule. His schedule was so crazy that I needed all hands on deck to support it. My parents and my mother in law supported him and me to make sure that he could get everything that he needed. It's really kind of weird to no longer have to juggle his crazy-hectic schedule. At first I was nervous, but now I am just beyond thankful for this huge leap that my son has made. He is thriving everywhere. He is doing well in school, he is making friends, and he is beyond excited to start boy scouts next week. I am so thankful for all of these things.

When I reflect on everything that I am thankful for this year, I really think about just how thankful I am that God chose me to be this child's mommy. Things have not always been easy, and I am sure that there will be some tough roads ahead despite things currently being somewhat easy for us, but no matter what, I just feel so blessed for this wonderful child. He is my superhero! I will always be his biggest supporter, his greatest fan, and his cheerleader cheering him on from the sidelines. Today, and everyday I just feel so blessed that my little guy gets to call me his mom and I get to call him my son.

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