Monday, October 3, 2016

Making a Child's Dream Come True

My son is a huge Flo Rida fan. He loves him so much that he ended up creating a video dedicated to Flo Rida. In his video he told Flo, "I love your song My House, but I want you to come to My House Flo Rida." He then proceeded to dance to a song that was featuring Flo Rida. His video ended up getting over 200,000 views and ended up making it onto Ellen's blog. Every day my little guy would ask if Flo had seen his video. This is just a small depiction of how much my son loves Flo Rida. My son stated early on that it was his dream to give Flo Rida a fist pump. He really hoped that Flo Rida would see his video and that he would end up getting the opportunity to give him a fist bump in person.

Last week, Flo Rida had a concert at The Washington State Fair. My mom ended up surprising my little guy with tickets to the concert. I ended up re-posting my son's video in hopes that it would get to Flo Rida. The day of the concert I heard from Flo Rida's bodyguard's girlfriend. She had seen the video and she loved it so much that she told me that she would do everything in her power to connect my son with Flo Rida. It was extremely last minute and Flo Rida was on an airplane so she couldn't make any promises, but she told me that she would do her best.

My son was overcome with joy when he arrived at the concert. Being on the autism spectrum, he often listens to Flo Rida's music to help himself mellow out. As soon as the music began to play at the concert, you could just see the amazement and pure joy in his eyes. We were seated on the floor in row 17. These were great seats, but not close enough where we could get close ups of Flo Rida. In the middle of the concert, Flo Rida ended up coming off of the stage. I immediately took my little guy and ran towards Flo in hopes that he could get a fist bump from his hero. Unfortunately, the crowd ended up getting crazy and we just missed him, but this is where things changed in our favor. A fight ended up breaking out and we ended up getting ushered into the 3rd row. My little guy and I got to finish the concert extremely close to the stage. If you could have seen my child's face you would have been in awe. My son was so happy that his face could have lit up a room!

At the end of the concert Flo announced that he would take selfies with the audience. I knew that this would be my son's chance to get his fist bump, but the problem was that security was only letting the front row get selfies with Flo. I pleaded my case with a wonderful security lady who happened to also be a grandma. I think that she could tell just how much this meant to both me and my son. She told me to go through and she hoped that my son would get his wish. I ended up having to try and get through another security guard that was not as generous and absolutely refused to let us through. The original kind lady/security guard could see what was happening and she went out of her way to come towards us  to tell the security guard that she had given us clearance to get through. This lady was my son's angel. She made his wish come true! My son ended up getting his fist bump from Flo Rida and he also ended up getting a selfie. I just cannot express how grateful I am to the security guard at The Washington State Fair. She helped make a little boy's wish come true!

My son's night of excitement did not end there. Flo Rida's bodyguard called us just as we were leaving the fair. He told me that his girlfriend had just got a hold of him and told him about my son. He ended up sending a picture from Flo Rida to my little guy and he promised that Flo would personally watch my son's video. In addition, he told me that he would send a package from Flo Rida to my little guy. Flo Rida's bodyguard and his girlfriend did not have to do this, but they did. They are busy people, but they took the time out of their busy schedules to try and make a little boy with autism's dream come true.

I love my son more than words can say. He has come so far in his short little life. My son is resilient and he hasn't let a diagnosis of autism define who he is. This is why I wanted his dream to come true. From an autism mom, thank you to the security guard at The Washington State Fair from the bottom of my heart! To Flo Rida's bodyguard and his girlfriend, I am beyond grateful to you both for making my son's wish come true! In the words of my son, "Flo Rida now know's who I am and I got my fist bump!"

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  1. This is absolutely amazing!! I've got tears running down my face with the biggest smile. My son to had adhd and autism. So I know exactly how it is. I could only wish I could make his dreams come true! We are having his first big birthday party Saturday and he is anxious about it but excited. But now I have a problem none of his friends he invited are coming. He is devastated!! His brother's friends have RSVPed which makes it worse. I'm so happy your little man got his wish. This is amazing ��