Thursday, July 28, 2016


There are some days the I look at my little guy and I just can't believe how far he has come. This summer, this has become especially evident to me. I have taken my kiddos on short mini vacations. In addition, I have also taken them on fun trips to places like the zoo. A couple of years ago my little guy went to these places, but it felt like he really wasn't absorbing everything during these adventures. For example, this summer we went to Leavenworth. This is a little German village in central Washington state. Everything, including McDonald's are German. My son has never really noticed this on past trips. My oldest neurotypical child began noticing that everything was German at around age 3. Last summer, my little guy had still not brought up these differences and he was 5. This changed this summer! As soon as we drove into the little German village his face lit up and he started shouting, "Look guys, Safeway looks different!" He began to immediately start to ask a ton of questions about why everything looked so different. I was amazed and honestly so pleased.

I also noticed that my kiddo was taking more of everything in on a recent trip to the zoo. He was one of the first kids down at the aquarium and he was totally memorized by all of the little fishes. I couldn't contain myself when my little guy shouted out with glee when he found Dory in that fish tank. I also took all of my kiddos back to an old Pioneer Farm this summer. A couple of summers ago my kiddo couldn't even make it through the tour. This summer, he was right there with everyone else sitting on the rug listening in on how all of the Pioneers lived. During this trip, my son also volunteered to have his face shaved just like they did in the old days. I looked on and I really couldn't believe how far my little guy had come in such a short period of time.

Two years ago it was extremely difficult to take my little guy almost anywhere, but I persisted and took him with me wherever I went. I'm not going to lie and say that this was easy, because it wasn't, but I really believe that this mindset has helped contribute to some of the success that we see in hin today. My little guy's occupational therapist told me recently that she is just in awe at how far he has come. He is doing things that he used to throw huge fits over. His coordination is better, he's more adaptable, and he tolerates having more information thrown at him.

We are going to Hawaii next week for a family vacation. I am just so excited to see my little guy in this environment. My husband and I may even take him on a snorkeling trip. There is no way that this would have worked a couple of years ago, but I think that he may be ready for this! I am just overjoyed to share how far this kid has come. It's like each month he is doing things that are just amazing everyone around him. He is truly my Super Hero!

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