Sunday, July 10, 2016

Just got an exciting email, but I'm scared...It's time to exit Occupational Therapy

I just got an exciting email from my kiddo's private occupational therapist. He is meeting all of his goals in OT so she is recommending that it is time to exit Bam Bam from OT. Can you believe it??? We have been at this for 4 years! He has made so much growth and I am beyond proud of him. Words cannot convey how proud I am of my child!

With all of this being said, I am so nervous. I have questions like this: Is he really ready? Is he able to transfer all of these skills into a regular setting? and the biggest question that I have of all is this: Why is he still having such a difficult time in PE? This is what worries me the most. We just got back my little guy's end of year progress report and on a scale of 1-4 with 4 being the best he scored a 1 in physical education. I do realize that PE is not for everyone. In addition, PE comes with many other challenges in addition to the motor challenges one would expect with PE. There is the possibility that there could be sensory issues and the possibility of over stimulation due to so much activity. In addition, there could be the possibility that my kiddo may be struggling with processing all of the language that is often just shouted out quickly during a PE class, but never the less, I am still worried about exiting my child from OT.

I knew that this day would eventually come... My child has come leaps and bounds. If you could have seen him just two short years ago you wouldn't think that he is even the same child. I want my kiddo to have extra time on his hands. He desperately wants to play football and this would open up that possibility because he would have some extra time in his schedule. I want all of these things for my child, but I'm still scared. Words really cannot convey how scared I am...

As a mother, I think that everything I am feeling is relatively normal. I think that I will always feel this way when we get the news that it's time to exit a service, especially when we have been at this for so many years. My son's private OT does want to reassess him in 4-6 months just to make sure that he is till meeting his targets. I think that I just need to reassure myself that this should be the security blanket I need in knowing that if he struggles after exiting OT that he can always go back if needed.

I am in tears writing this blog post. Three years ago I never thought that this day would come. I mean, I had hoped that it would come, but there were so many challenges that we still needed to overcome. I just love my little guy so very much. I am so proud of him. I feel completely blessed that God chose me to be his mother. I am one proud autism momma!

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