Sunday, July 17, 2016

Another Sleep Update

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I am pleased to say that Bam Bam is sleeping through the night in his own bed!!! The first night, my little guy seemed excited to sleep in his new bunk bed. I think that it was the novelty of finally having the bed that he had always dreamed of having. The first night, he did end up waking up around midnight and having a tiny meltdown. I got him back to bed and he didn't end up waking up again that night.

The next few nights were much rougher than the first. My little guy ended up waking up multiple times throughout the night. He tried to control the situation by telling me that he hated his new bed and that he wanted it to go back to the store. He also told me that he wanted his old bed back. During these times I tried to stay as emotionless as possible and I just kept reinforcing that he needed to stay in his new bed and that was his only option. I used very limited words when I interacted with him. I will say that this did become increasingly difficult as my sleep became more deprived as each night progressed. I tried to remind myself that I needed to be firm in this and I also tried to remind myself that with each change behavior always spikes before it gets better.

In my son's case, it took four nights for him to finally sleep through the night without getting up. I have already described night #1. Nights #2 and #3 were extremely difficult and a complete battle of wills. By night #4, I think that he realized that I was standing firm and no amount of screaming was going to end up changing his situation. Last night, he slept through the night and he woke up feeling extremely proud of himself. The only thing that he wanted to talk about during breakfast was how he made it through the night in his own bed. I am so proud of him and I am also proud of myself for standing firm and making this change happen.

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  1. I'm so happy this worked for you! I hope it continues! I bought bells to hang on my little guy's door this week so I could know when he's coming out for a snack (at 2 am mind you. He did not like this idea at all and promised to stay in his room. This seems to have curbed his need for food. He slept all night long last night!