Thursday, June 30, 2016

Potty Training

I have been getting quite a few private messages about potty training. Many people have asked what techniques we have used to potty train Bam Bam. Due to so many requests for information, I decided that I would create a blog post about potty training. Bam Bam ended up getting completely finished with toilet training when he was 3 1/2 years old. Let me say that it was not easy to get him completely potty trained. When we undertook the process of training, my little guy he had limited language. This made the process take a bit longer than it did with my older son. I had to pull out all of the tricks when it came down to getting serious about getting my son trained. Please see the list of what worked for us below!

  1. Ditch the Pull-ups: When we started training my little guy we used pull-ups during the day. The problem with this is that the pull-ups absorbed any extra fluid and this ended up giving my kiddo zero motivation to want to use the toilet. When we ditched the pull-ups and went straight into underwear, the process of potty training really became what I call training. My son hated feeling wet so he became much more motivated to want to use the toilet when the pull-ups were gone. In addition, when he pooped his pants he absolutely hated the mess and in the process he ended up having to throw away a few of his favorite underwear. He could care less when his pull ups were thrown away, because pull-ups get thrown away regardless.
  2. Buy Underwear that are Symbolic to your child: When we finally decided to ditch the pull-ups we ended up taking my son to the store and we had him help pick out new underwear. Naturally, he picked out pairs that had some of his favorite characters on them. This made him excited to want to wear his brand new big boy underpants!
  3. Create a Reward System: Create a reward system that will work for your child. When we were training my son we took him to the Dollar Store and let him pick out a variety of prizes. He was able to earn these prizes when he went to the bathroom on the potty.
  4. Do not get Over Emotional when an Accident occurs: When we were training Bam Bam, I made it a point to not have any emotion when he had an accident. We simply cleaned the mess up together. If I had to throw his underwear away, he would come with me to throw them in the garbage, but there was never any emotion put into the process and he was never in trouble. With this being said, he occasionally got emotional if one of his favorite pairs of underwear were not salvageable and had to be tossed, but I removed all emotion from the situation and would just calmly tell him that by pooping in his underwear his Cars underwear got ruined and that they needed to be thrown away.
  5. Add Fiber if your child is refusing to go #2: I never had this problem with Bam Bam, but I have heard many parents state that this is a problem. By adding foods that are high in fiber you will help avoid constipation.
  6. Use an Electronic Device in the Bathroom: If you have a kiddo that has a hard time sitting on the toilet to go to the bathroom, make it fun by letting them watch movies on an I-Pad. We did this with my little guy and it really worked. We would give him liquids while he was watching a movie or playing his favorite app to encourage him to go potty on the toilet. The I-Pad kept his interest for a long enough period of time to stay on the toilet until he used the bathroom. We always made a huge production when he used the toilet.
  7. And if nothing else works try this...: If you have a younger child that is really struggling with this concept, you could let them run around outside naked from the waist down. As soon as you see your child start to urinate you would then run them to a portable potty that was brought outside. You could also use this tactic inside if you are really courageous =) This technique is useful for a child that is struggling with making the connection that people really do make pee and poop. In addition, this strategy may also work for a child that is scared of the big person toilet. If your child is scared of the big person toilet, let them help select a portable toilet that has their favorite character on it. This will let them warm up to using the regular bathroom.
I hope that you all enjoyed reading this post. Please feel free to add any other ideas that may have worked for your family in the comments section below. Good luck potty training!!!


  1. My daughter just got diagnosed with autism and I talked to a couple mom's and they said that they would have their little ones sit on the toilet about every half an hour to 45 minutes. I'm in the process of training my daughter so this is very helpful!!! She is actually turning 3 today so wish me luck!! Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you so much I will be doing this starting tomorrow morning. I really needed this.