Saturday, May 7, 2016

My Litte Guy's First Play Date

Every Saturday afternoon is filled with both soccer and baseball. My little guy plays soccer and my oldest plays machine pitch baseball. Today, my older son's best friend spent quite a bit of time playing on the playground with my little guy. They are close in age (18 months apart) and go to the same school. In between playing my little guy and my older son's best friend would come over and chat. During one of the quick chats my son's best friend asked his mom if my oldest could come over and play. She said that he could. My little guy and my son's best friend went back to the playground and then a few minutes later my son's best friend came back over to his mom and asked if my little guy could come over and play as well. My little guy's face immediately lit up. In that moment, my little guy was so excited. Being his mom, I wasn't sure if he was ready for this. I automatically started to think about the worst things that could happen, but then I looked at my little guy's face. His face was filled with so much joy. He told both me and my oldest's best friend mom that he promised that he would be good. He then went on to say that I deserve this. I want to have a play date just like my older brother. My heart melted and my older son's best friend's mom's heart melted. How can you say no to that??

Needless to say, my little guy is currently at his first play date away from home. We have an extremely close relationship with my older son's best friend friend's family so they know all about my little guy. What makes my the happiest about all of this is that my little guy was noticed. He was asked to go on a play date because my older son's best friend realized that he is a pretty fun guy. He became more than just his best friend's little brother. If he only knew how happy he made my little guy.  He did what I wish every child would do. He took the opportunity to really get to know my son. My heart is full and am just thrilled that my little guy is being given this opportunity. As a mom, this was probably the best mother's day present that I could have ever asked for!

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