Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Being a Concrete Thinker

I couldn't help but create a quick blog post about being a concrete thinker. My littler guy came home a few days ago from school. He immediately told me that someone had come in a done a presentation about sugar. He explained that this guy came to school and told me that, "Sugar is bad for you! It rots your teeth out. He then went on to say that the guy told him that sugar is also bad for your brain." He made sure to keep asking me if I really knew how bad sugar is for people. The funny thing is that while telling me this story he was sitting there drinking a cherry coke. His GaGa (g-ma) had bought him the cherry coke because he had done such a great job at occupational therapy. I ended up looking at him and telling him that he was drinking sugar water. His eyes grew extremely large and he said, "This is coke not sugar water mom!" He couldn't quite grasp that sugar is in coke. I even showed him the nutrition label and that the label showed that there was 70 grams of sugar.

In my little guy's mind, he couldn't quite get beyond that he was shown sugar in a bag. In his mind, sugar is not coke or candy, but white little crystals that come in a sugar bag. Needless to say, I had to physically show him how sugar can be added to things like cake, candy, coke, and cookies for him to really grasp this concept. The funny thing is that when he finally understood that sugar comes in many forms, he looked at me and said, "Well mom, I've lost my two front teeth. I will just make sure to drink cherry coke with a straw right between where my two front teeth used to be, and by doing it this way all of my other teeth will be protected." My immediate thought way okay child.... If this is how you want to rationalize drinking cherry coke then more power to you. On a side note, my little guy very rarely gets to drink soda. It's such a rarity, that he chooses it as a reward on an occasional basis. I just didn't want you all to think that we were feeding my kiddo sugar water on a regular basis =)

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