Saturday, May 7, 2016

Being an Autism Mom on Mother's Day

I want to wish every autism mom a Happy Mother's Day. Being a mom to an autistic child is one of the most challenging, but fulfilling jobs that I have ever had. Parents to neuro-typical children do not understand the demands that are placed on parents of autistic children. The countless therapy sessions, school meetings, pediatrician appointments, visits to the neurologist. The list could go on and on... We are our children's biggest advocates, we are our children's greatest champions, we love our children with a love that knows no bounds.

As I sit here and reflect about my life as an autism mom, one thought immediately resonates with me. I love me kiddo with a fierceness that I really cannot put into words. I would do absolutely anything for my child. I want him to be happy. I want him to be successful. I worry about him constantly throughout the day. I want him to have friends that cherish him. I want his teachers and therapists to love him as much as I do. I don't worry about my neuro-typical children like I worry about my little guy. I love my other children with a deep love that is indescribable, but I don't get filled with angst over them like I do over my little guy. This is why every autism mom deserves an extra hug and an extra, "You're doing a good job!" If you haven't done so already, take the time to wish these few words to an autism mom today. I can honestly say that there have been times where these few words would have made my day.

Mom's of children on the spectrum have many sleepless nights and their days are often filled with worry. Sometimes it feels like we are climbing an uphill battle that's never going to level out. We are often told everything that we should be doing rather than what we are doing well. Everyone always seems to have a recommendation rather than just stopping and taking the time to listen.

Please take the time to give an autism mom a hug! Tell them that they are doing a great job! As a mom to a little boy on the spectrum, I can honestly say that I would cherish hearing these few words. If you are a mom to a child on the spectrum, "Happy Mother's Day!" "You are doing a great job!"

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