Monday, May 30, 2016

Autism and Summer Activities

In years past, my kiddo spent two day a week in a summer preschool. I chose to do this so that Bam Bam could continue to work on social skills throughout the summer. In addition, to summer preschool, we also had hours of countless therapy sessions. This summer is going to look a bit different for my little guy. There will be less therapy sessions and no summer preschool. Instead of therapy 5 days a week throughout the summer, therapy will be decreased to two days a week this year. My kiddo has come so far and he is ready to have some of the opportunities that his older brother has been able to partake in, but I am struggling with determining what activities will be appropriate.

Bam Bam has brought home countless flyers for summer activities from his school. Activities include baseball camps, summer day camps, drama groups, the list could go on an on. My older son really wants to do a week long water activities day camp. I knew that Bam Bam would want to go as well if we decided to end up enrolling his older brother. I decided that I should at least call the camp to get more information. When I called, I began by  giving my 2 minute spill about Bam Bam. They told me that the counselor to child ratio is extremely small and they thought that they could adequately address Bam Bam's needs. Here is my only concern... They have a big lake, and every afternoon is spent in the lake. Bam Bam has absolutely no fear and would run out into that lake without ever thinking of the consequences. The camp assured me that they would keep Bam Bam in a life vest, but I'm still hesitant. I worry... I'm not sure if he is ready, but then I think, is it him that's not ready or is it me that's not ready? I have been pondering this for the last few days and honestly I'm still not sure what I'm going to do. I wish that there was more of a definitive answer, but unfortunately there's not. If any of you have any input, please feel free to chime in. I will update you all in regards to what I am going to decide to do in the coming days...

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