Monday, March 21, 2016


I knew that my son had some developmental delays at a very early age. I referred my son to the local school district for intervention services before he had an autism diagnosis. My son began receiving developmental preschool at the age of three years old. He attended developmental preschool on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons for two years. In addition to developmental preschool, my son also attended a regular preschool on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings for two years. He also received speech and occupational therapy in the school district. I also felt that my little guy would benefit from private speech and private  occupational therapy. For two years, my son attended private speech and private occupational therapy every Tuesday and Thursday. We also did music therapy every Saturday from age three to age four. I know that this already sounds like a ton of therapy, but we somehow managed to squeeze ABA therapy in every evening from age 4 up until now.

I have to be honest, that managing my son's schedule was almost like managing a full-time job. I couldn't have made all of this work without the help of my amazing mom, mother in law, and my dad. I work full time, so the grandparents had to shuffle my little guy between appointments for almost two years. My son experienced a ton of growth so his schedule has drastically decreased. We decreased his private speech and private occupational therapy from two times weekly to one time weekly. He still receives both speech and occupational therapy in the school district. My son's ABA therapist recently found a new job, so ABA is currently on a hiatus, but it will begin again when a new therapist is hired. In addition to therapy, my son also takes piano lessons every Saturday and he started soccer in April. We have been so blessed to have an amazing team of people who are dedicated to my child. My son's piano teacher is absolutely amazing. He sees the whole child, and he takes him exactly where he's at. I posted a video of my son playing the piano on my Facebook page in March. If you haven't viewed it, it's stored under the video section of my Facebook page. I feel so fortunate to have so many wonderful people working with my kiddo. I am a firm believer in early intervention! Intervention has helped my child in a multitude of ways.

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